Employer Appeals Advertisement

If you are considering appealing a WCB decision but are unsure of the process or the best way to present your case, please contact us.  Our team approach can help you review evidence, policy, and the risks and benefits with going forward with your appeal.  Sometimes it is worth the appeal, but, sometimes your resources are best spent elsewhere, like making internal HR and OHS systems improvements.  We believe in empowering our customers to have information they need to make the best decisions with their WCB concerns.

Did You Know:

Artis’ owner, Kessie Stevens is triple certified in the Administrative Justice Streams thorough the Foundation of Administrative Justice.

Latest Artis Projects:

We are piloting some courses this fall and winter with some of our client.  If you are interested in learning how to be more effective with our disability management programs please contact us. 

OHS Update:

Have you booked your COR audit. If you are struggling to find an auditor we may be able to help.