Artis Inc. is a consulting company providing services to employers on all WCB matters.

Artis is Latin for skill/craft/art, and having character and knowledge, applying your methods in the scientific way.   Established in 2013 by Kessie Stevens, Artis offers unique services based on her experiences working in disability management for nearly a decade.


Working at the WCB I found several gaps between what companies need to do to effectively manage claims and reduce premiums and their understanding of the WCB system.  Working on thousands of claims lead me to understand that most companies just didn’t know what they didn’t know. Meaning, the WCB system is complex and there are so many factors (both objective and subjective) for employers to understand, including claims costs over $1000, how hiring and firing practices can impact their premiums and ability to successfully bid on jobs, how big or small your case manager’s workload is, and how to effectively apply for cost relief.  I also saw how workers were easily caught up in this complex process, always out of their comfort zones, never exactly sure how to proceed when in ‘the system’.

During my time at the WCB I tailored my career to allow me to learn as much as I could about the issues that matter and effect employers. I volunteered my free time to work in corporate communications, business analysis, and account management.  I studied and requested cost relief and cost transfer claims to review, attended industry conferences, and interviewed leaders from a variety of the organizations’ departments.

I also took additional training including my OHS certificate with Honors at the University of Alberta, training under NIDMAR (National Institute of Disability Management and Research), completed the HSA and Auditor programs at the Alberta Construction Safety Association, and my Tribunal Justice training with dual certificates in both Tribunal Member and Advocate.

My career during that time also included a year for a large industrial construction company where I worked at the Shell Scotford Expansion project as well as out of head office where I reviewed and appealed WCB claims.

Since 2013 I have worked under successful consultants, for my own independent clients, with unions, for large companies, and for safety companies.  I work with a sophisticated network of industry, medical, and legal professionals to bring the best services to my clients.  I believe in providing you, the employer a fair and transparent consulting service, helping you reach your goals, no matter your company’s industry or size.